Here is the first trailer for ‘Dara of Jasenovac’

12. January 2021.

MCF Megacom Film has announced that the first insert from the film Dara of Jasenovac, directed by Predrag Antonijević was officially released today, marking the overture to the American distribution of the film which starts in less than a month, on February 5th. At the same time, the clip announces the premiere of the film in Belgrade, which is symbolically scheduled for April 22, the date which marks the 76th anniversary of the breakthrough of the last prisoners from the Jasenovac camp. After the Belgrade premiere on April 22, the film will be available in cinemas throughout Serbia.

In December 2020, the distribution company Studio 101 bought American rights for the film Dara of Jasenovac. On the occassion, a member of the Executive Board of Studio 101, Ron Burkle, said that he had the utmost respect for the work of director Predrag Antonijević for years and added his observations about the film: “I was touched by the little-known story told about Dara from Jasenovac. I believe that the audience will appreciate the skill with which this convincing story is told through the eyes of a small child.”

The film was was chosen as the Serbian candidate for the 93rd Academy Awards, and it was also submitted for the Golden Globe in all categories. It was shot on the basis of authentic testimonies of camp survivors, and is the first feature film on the theme of the Jasenovac camp.

The historical drama looks back to the period of 1942, when after the great Ustasha-German offensive on Kozara, the local population ended up en masse in concentration camps. Among them is twelve-year-old Dara with her mother and two brothers. They know nothing about their father’s fate. The horror she endures in the death camp will make her grow up overnight. Dara’s mother and older brother are both killed, and the mission of her life becomes to save the life of her younger brother in inhumane conditions where children die every day from disease and hunger or are brutally killed. The story of Dara from Jasenovac is a depiction of the fate of only one child from Kozara among thousands upon thousands of never known and in reality more tragic fates.


The film was supported by the government of the Republic of Serbia and Film Center Serbia and the distributor is MCF MegaCom Film.