‘Blue Border’ by Ivan Milosavljević at six more festivals across Europe

10. September 2021.

The festival campaign of the praised and award-winning short documentary Blue Border by Ivan Milosavljević continues; six more festivals have been confirmed this month alone. These are: 21114 – Film Fest in Novi Sad, International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő in Hungary, Orvieto Cinema Fest in Italy, Independent Days International Film Festival in Germany, APOX Film Festival in Croatia, Filmfest Sundsvall in Sweden. this film was made with the support of FCS.

Blue Border is about a man from the border who has spent his whole life looking for the biggest fish that the blue Danube hides. For years and years, every day, at the very dawn, the old fisherman tries to lure this river giant. Two peers – one on the surface of the water, the other hidden in the depths of a mighty river, are waiting to finally meet.

The director of the Blue Border is Ivan Milosavljević. The film was made under the auspices of Black Rooster Studio, the producers are Ivan Milosavljević and Strahinja Marković, and the co-producer is Marina Lajtner (KOREKTIF studio). The director of photography is Strahinja Marković, the editor is Stevan Spasić, and the sound recorders were Milos Drndarević and Matija Leković. The sound designer is Miloš Drndarević, and the color correction was done by Jure Terzan. Dejan Šolajić worked on the visual effects.