‘Dara of Jasenovac’ in US theatres

05. February 2021.

According to the distributor, MCF Megacom Film, two theaters in Chicago (AMC River East and Landmarks’s Century Center Cinema), the American city where the largest number of Serbs live, will have screenings of ‘Dara of Jasenovac’ Serbian candidate for the 93rd Academy Awards, as of today, February 5,

Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston are just some other American cities where select theaters will screen the film, directed by Predrag Gaga Antonijević, with the screenplay by Nataša Drakulić.  These will be followed by Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Detroit, Indianapolis and St. Louis from February 12th.

The historical drama looks back to the period of 1942, when after the great Ustasha-German offensive on Kozara, the local population ended up en masse in concentration camps. Among them is twelve-year-old Dara with her mother and two brothers. They know nothing about their father’s fate. The horror she endures in the death camp will make her grow up overnight. Dara’s mother and older brother are both killed, and the mission of her life becomes to save the life of her younger brother in inhumane conditions where children die every day from disease and hunger or are brutally killed. The story of Dara from Jasenovac is a depiction of the fate of only one child from Kozara among thousands upon thousands of never known and in reality more tragic fates.


The film was supported by the government of the Republic of Serbia and Film Center Serbia and the distributor is MCF MegaCom Film.