The 67th March Festival experimental film and video art selection

01. March 2021.

Since the 67th March Festival was not held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, in accordance with the decision of the Festival Board, the next edition will be double: 67/68. The March Festival will be held from March 22nd until March 28th 2021. Complete competitive selections from 2020 and 2021 will be screened, and festival awards will be given for both the 67th and 68th editions of the festival.

Here is the program of films from the 67th March Festival which will compete in the experimental film and video art category.

While I was still in the stomach, I felt my pecker with my hand and realized that I was a BOY! //

2020/10 “36”

Directed by: Miloš Tomić

Production: Miloš Tomić, Jakub Felcman

Starring: Dren Tomić, Miloš Tomić

In a series of surreal, poetic and silly scenes, we enter into a relationship and attempts at communication between a middle-aged father and his son, who soon turns from a boy into a young man. Everyone lives with their obsession: a boy obsessed with tablet games, a father in his musical and noisy fantasies.

* World premiere


Hackteria //

2019/11 ‘40’

Production company: Ground

Directed by: Extraordinary Bob

Production: Andrija Lučić

The robo samurai experiences satori in this tech-noire skeuomorphism.


Communication //

2019/4 ’50’ ’

Production company: House of Culture “Student City” – Academic Film Center

Directed by: Saša Petrovic

Production: Ivan Velisavljević

A paraphrase of Carl Theodore Drier’s film “The Suffering of Joan of Arc”. By quoting interludes and replicating footage in a new context, a relationship is established between two historical times. Questions of the role of the individual in history, the way in which one in a specific historical context becomes the leader of a whole community, the social dynamics of inclusion in the community and exclusion in its most drastic form.

* World premiere


Parallel Flows //

2020/9 ’30’ ‘

Production company: Verige

Directed and produced by: Luka Papić and Branka Majstorović

Following the flows of thought, the flows of the Internet and the flows of history, one enters into parallel dimensions – the gray zone of reality. Expeditions to the gray zones are always personal, and their results are not always poetic, inspiring or beautiful. Banalities are often revealed here, which then turn into mysteries, which then turn into banalities again.


scenes of a mysterious symposium //

2020/5 “25”

Production company: Independent Film Center Vorky Team & House of Culture “Student City” – Academic Film Center

Directed by: Milan Milosavljević

Production: Dragan Cakić

During the Cold War, in the “crazy sixties”, under constant nuclear threat, when children fell asleep, the elderly began their games.

* World premiere


I Saw / Láttam //

/ 20 ’10’ ‘
Production company: Cinema Film Workshop

Directed and produced by: Zoltan Bicksey

Starring: Nándor Szilágyi, Gábor Bagi, István Berecz, Rolland Resócki, Elizabetta Bicskei

Display of the “sight” of a blind person in a deserted open space. A blind person bumps into the emptiness of a summer wasteland. He touches, feels the light with his palms and face, imagination and beliefs – it is not just a game in the frame, but a short summary of the inner experience of the outside world. The film is a polyphonic intertwining of touching, holding, tripping the Blind Person, as evidenced by the grass, dry reeds and the nest. Numerous little Paradises, people coming out of them, fighting in deadly duels. Killing and rebirth like a whirlwind, dancing masked fragmentary figures, long strides and magnificent stillness pass before the eyes of the Blind Person…

* Serbian premiere


Vivid Red //

2020/9 ’37’ ‘

Production company: Sivo Drvo Film

Directed and produced by: Svetislav Dragomirović

Cast: Marina Gunjača, Tanasije Ruzmarin Stojić, Ružica Živković

The afterlife of a racehorse called Cherokee.


Selection committee of the competition program of the 67th March Festival:

Nikola Majdak, director of photography, Serbia
Milan Nikodijević, professor of production, Serbia
Vladimir Šojat, author, editor, Serbia

Expert associate of the selection committee: Dragan Nikolić, director and editor of the film program of the Belgrade Youth Center

Artistic director of the March Festival: Dejan Dabić.