Two awards for Love Cuts at the Evolution International Film Festival in Majorca

31. October 2019.

The Serbian feature film Love Cuts, directed by Kosta Djordjević, has won two awards at the 9th Evolution International Film Festival in Majorca, Spain. The film was awarded as the best in the category of feature films, and actress Kristina Kika Jovanović received the Best Actress of the Festival award for her role in the film.

The film follows an unusual day in the life of teenage girl Aja and her two friends from the hood, who wander Belgrade through the heat of an August day, seeking ways to have fun, feel alive, different and important. They dictate the rules of the game themselves, and their own skin is the first rule for all of them. Aja’s need and pursuit of love, from what seemed like a joyous adventure, grows into a drama that will mark their young lives.

The films stars Kristina Jovanović and Đurđina Radić, with Mladen Sovilj, Marko Janketić, Milan Čučilović, Radoslav Rale MilenkovićNikola Petrović, Aleksandar Ranković, Petar Kokinović, Nikola Vujović, Predrag Vasić, Uroš Novović, Sale Nićiforović, Dejan Aleksić, Jovan Zdravković, Zlatija Ocokoljić, Janko Cekić, Stefan Movacević, Mario Šaran.

The film was directed by Kosta Djordjević, based on the screenplay by Dragan Nikolic. The director of photography is Bojana Andrić, SAS, and the editor is Romana Vujasinović. Music is written by Filip Mitrović, set designer is Damjan Paranosić and costume designer is Suna Kažić. Darko Kenig was in charge of the makeup.