Two awards for the film ‘When I’m at Home’ by Ivana Todorović in New York

25. March 2021.

The Serbian short feature film When I’m Home by Ivana Todorović continues receiving accolades; at the recently concluded, eighth SR Socially Relevant Film Festival in New York, the film won two awards – the Women’s Critics’ Circle Award and the Best Actress Award, for  Milica Stefanović. The film was supported by  Film Center Serbia.

The protagonist is Maria who returns to her family home after a few years of living abroad, in order to face childhood trauma. What does her return look like? How does the family deal with the hidden secret? Can the victim forgive at the moment when they become stronger and more powerful than their childhood abuser?


The condensed drama in this film is carried by the actors: Milica Stefanović, Dragana Varagić, Radoje Čupić, Sara Dinić. The film was made as a master thesis at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts, and the screenplay was written by Melina Pota. The director of photography is Milica Drakulić, the editor is Tamara Kostić, the sound designer is Milan Mihajlović, the set designer is Emilija Orlić, and the costume designer is Milica Radovanović. The assistant director is Duško Stanivuk, and the producer is Tijana Drakulić. The film was produced by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and Blok Film, with the support of FCS.