‘Breaking Point: A ‪Star Wars Story’ by Stevan Filipović at the Los Angeles Fantastic Film Festival

20. May 2021.

Stevan Filipović’s short feature film Breaking Point: A Star Wars Story has been selected to participate in the third Aboot Kinney Fantastic Film Festival, which will take place on June 5th and 6thin Los Angeles. This film was awarded at the Serbian Fiction Film Festival in Belgrade last year, and it also won special recognition at the International Fantastic Film Festival in Manton, France.

This film is in English, and it takes place a few years before the seventh part of the saga (The Force Awakens). The Galactic Empire is defeated. From its ruins, the New Republic arises, and with it a new generation of Jedi Knights, trained by Luke Skywalker. Skywalker brought the brothers Dust, Nola (Darko Ivić) and Keso (Slaven Doslo), from the harsh streets of Corelia to their Jedi Temple, so that he could teach the skills of the Force. The brothers will take their last lesson tonight.

Darko Ivić, Stevan Filipović and Slaven Došlo.

Breaking Point: A Star Wars Story  was produced by the Belgrade production company Hypnopolis (producers are Branislav Jević and Dušan Medić). The short stars Slaven Došlo (Next to Me, Humidity, Panama), Darko Ivić (Next to Me) and Jana Milosavljević (Afterparty and the TV series The Wrong Man and My Generation Z).

The directors of photography are Đorše Stojiljković and Matej Milenković, and the film was shot at locations near Belgrade (on Avala and Kosmaj). The set designer is Branislav Crvenković, who is also in charge of alien masks and special make-up. The assistant director  is Isidora Bulatović.