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january 2016

Director: Filip Gajić
Screnpaly: Filip Gajić
Cast: Bojan Dimitrijević, Lucija Šerbedžija, Goran Jeftić. Hana Selimović, Marija Pikić, Rambo Amadeus, Saša Kuzmanović, Igor Borojević, Milena Jakšić, Andrija Kovač, Vahid Džanković, Bane Vidaković

Sisyphus K.
Sisyphus Kadmovski is a shepherd who lives by the river. A solitary man who falls into trap set by the gods. He dares to stand against the almighty Zeus, bringing upon himself his wrath. The revenge of the gods seems simple - they send Death after Sisyphus.
Sisyphus, however, does not deny Death. He conquers her, embraces her and gives himself to her, which initiates a series of unexpected events.
Is a world without death possible, and if so, what would it look like?
A director from Belgrade becomes obsessed with filming this story. He gets trapped in the destiny of his main character and struggles to keep his long-distance marriage with the famous Croatian actress. He gives her the role of Sisyphus’ beloved Death in his film.
Reality and fiction collide, intertwine. Parallel Worlds are coming together.
There are no more heroes in this world. Active Sisyphus of ancient times becomes passive Joseph K. of today. The director goes through the film making process while experiencing an inner trial.
No feature film on Sisyphus has ever been made.

Produced by: ABARID

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