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The International Jury of the European Film Festival Palić 2009 composed of Alberto Barbera, Peter Zawrel, Samuel Finzi, Gloria Scola and Sabolcs Tolnai, decided to award Golden Tower for Best Film to THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD. It is “a simple story told in a very entertaining way that keeps us close to the main character fighting for her dream. Warm and human approach with a lot of humor based on a strong cinematographic ability to make every simple detail true and believable”.

Palić Tower for Best Director has been awarded to RUSSIA 88 “for the director’s skill to switch between documentary and fiction in a very provocative way and for the strength and courage of his political message, telling us an unpleasant story about people we don’t want to meet but we shouldn’t ignore either”.

Special Mention has been given to MOSCOW, BELGIUM, “to the outstanding actress Barbara Sarafian who leads us trough the entire film in an authentic and enjoyable way”.

The International Critics’ Jury composed of Phillip Bergson, Ivana Nanut and Nebojša Popović decided to give Gorki List Tolerance Award to the film ZIFT. “This brilliant debut feature shows a director already mastering the look, the content, and the ensemble acting in a clever fresco on Bulgarian low life from 1940 to 1960”.

Special Mention of the International Critics’ Jury has been awarded to the film SOMEONE IS STILL WAITING directed by Marko Novaković “because it addresses dramatic status of women in modern Serbian society, with special emphasis on the abortion issue”. Besides, the Jury considers “this film so powerful and open that it should find itself in front of cinema viewers and this mention is given to support it on its way to 35mm film”.

Critics’ Jury FIPRESCI Serbia composed of Dejan Dabić, the president, Dinko Tucaković and Dušan Vukić, members, unanimously made the decision to award FIPRESCI Serbia Prize for Best Film at the Festival to the Belgian film “Moscow, Belgium” by Christophe Van Rompaey, for “dramaturgically complex, but basically a simple, warm and generally understandable drama with some elements of comedy and melodrama, about dilemmas of a middle-aged woman, her family and social environment. From the multitude of delicate topics depicting dark sides of our lives, this film distinguished itself by its vitality, showing us how much one can endure without being aware of it, as well as by its very prudent, discreet directing method which has reconciled the taste of both film professionals and the widest audience”.

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