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Meeting between film delegation from People Republic of China and serbian producers and directors

On Tuesday, 27th of September at 16h, at the Film Center of Serbia offices, a meeting was held between Serbian producers and directors and the Chinese delegation of film workers that was in working visit to the Film Center Serbia.

The Chinese delegation consisted of seven members:

Mr. Jiang Ping, vice president of China Film Group, Director
Ms. Susan Xu, vice president of China Film Co-production Corporation
Ms. Yuan Wenting, TV host, Shanghai Media Group
Ms. Hu Mengxin, producer
Mr. Xia Dejun, actor
Mr. Zhang Xiao, director of Chinese National Television
Ms. An Yimeng, Assistant President of China Film Promotion International Corp.

The honorary guest was Velimir Bata Živojinović, a board member of the Film Center of Serbia and a highly respected actor in China, whose films "Walter Defends Sarajevo" and "The Bridge" were seen by over 11 million people since they premiered in China in 1979.

Velimir Bata Zivojinovic is so well-known in China that all the members of the delegation spontaneously sang the music themes from these two films as a tribute to a hero of many generations of film-goers in China.

This visit was a continuation of the cooperation initiative which originated in 2010, during the organization of the “New Serbian Film” promotion in China, held in four Chinese cities.

During their stay in China, in addition to promoting Serbian film, Serbian filmmakers discussed cooperation and joint development of a protocol on co-productions between Serbia and China.

The Chinese delegation met with various producers and directors from Serbia, among them: Darko Bajić, director and Chairman of the Board of Film Center Serbia, Nikola Stojanović, director and Professor, Jelena Bajić-Jocić - producer and director, Branislav Jević, producer, Tihomir Stanić, actor and producer, Aleksandar Rajković and Zoran Otašević, director and producer.

During this working visit to the Film Center Serbia, basic and practical information regarding the state of film industry in the two countries were exchanged, and various possible developments and possibilities for cooperation were discussed. To that end, the implementation of a reciprocal Chinese Film Days program in Serbia was agreed upon, to take place in 2012, featuring ten films of various genres by varied authors and representing the extensive Chinese annual production (China annually produces around 700 feature films).

Finally, the two delegations reached an agreement to seek out further legal economic opportunities in accordance with existing bilateral agreements on cooperation in culture between Serbia and China and to work together in order to establish practical and effective links in the field of film production and co-production.

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