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The first European Film Academy Young Audience Award

The first European Film Academy Young Audience Award ceremony took place on 10th of June 2012. in Belgrade and was jointly organized by the Film Center of Serbia and the Belgrade Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Information Society of Serbia, with media support from Studio B TV channel.

The audience gathered at the Belgrade Cultural where the young audience was greeted, aa well as the host of the ceremony, director Stefan Arsenijević was announced.

Director Goran Paskaljević and composer Zoran Simjanović, members of the European Film Academy, introduced themselves to the young audience in order to briefly explain the roles of the director and the composer in the making of a film.

The audience consisted of 239 children and teachers from 16 elementary schools in Belgrade: 13 city schools, "Jovan Popović", "Đorđe Krstić", "1300 kaplara", "Branko Ćopić", "Jova Jovanović Zmaj", "Filip Višnjić","Stevan Sinđelić"," Branko Radičević", "Ratko Mitrović","Filip Kljajić Fića ,"Isidora Sekulić","Stefan Nemanja" and "Bora Stanković", as well as three suburban schools - "14th of October","Nikola Tesla - Vinča" and "Jajinci."

Film L'Enfant d'en Haut/Sister (Switzerland/France, runtime: 100 minutes) directed by Ursula Meier, film Blue Bird (Belgium, runtime: 86 minutes), directed by Gust Van den Berghe, film Jackdaw/Kauwboy (Netherlands, runtime: 81 minutes), directed by Boudewijn Koole was screened.

The representatives of the Belgrade young audience jury were Sofia (11) and Katarina (12).

The final tally was:

Sister received 56 votes.
Blue Bird received 4 votes.
Jackdaw received 177 votes.

2 votes were invalid.

Sofia and Katarina announced the results of the vote to the audience at the Erfutr ceremony and the announcement of the overall winner online at

A short video clip (duration 3:35 minutes), which captures the atmosphere of this all-day event can be found on the EFA website (

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