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Meeting with a representative of AGICOA was held in Film center Serbia

On December 4th in Film Center Serbia a representative of AGICOA, Mr. Helmut Koszuszeck, director of business and legal issues held a meeting with Serbian producer.

AGICOA is unique, international nonprofit organization founded thirty years ago with the goal of following and distribution of royalties for broadcasting independent producers. AGICOA represents clients throughout the world. Since the year 2000 more than half a billion payment to a list which consists of over one million audio-visual works was collected and distributed.
Organization manages the international steering committee, in which representatives of copyright owners, and individuals with a broad range of knowledge and experience in the field of audiovisual production.
This form of monitoring offers two significant advantages: the organization is, in the truest sense of the word "neutral" - all holders are treated equally, regardless of commercial potential and importance. International operations are conducted through AGICOA Alliance, a network of associates in key markets. Through them, copyright holders have access to local markets - the language of market data to the negotiations.

Cooperation between AGICOA and Serbia is certainly important for the protection of the rights of producers and Serbian producers were met with the nature of the activities and welfare of cooperation with this AGICOA.

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