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Documentary Short After the Bombs Wins the Silver Dolphin in Cannes

The documentary short After the Bombs has won the Silver Dolphin, one of the awards at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, in the eco-documentary competition.

The award ceremony, where the Silver and White Dolphin (the Grand Prix) were awarded was held at the famous Palm Beach casino in Cannes.

The Uncompromised Belgrade Intellectuals NGO are behind the film After the Bombs, which received support from the City Office for Environmental Protection. The film is about the trees that grow from the concrete of the destroyed Yugoslav Army HQ in Belgrade. It follows the growth of these trees parallel to the growing up of a child that was conceived during the NATO air raids on Serbia in 1999. 
In addition to the Grand Prix at the Warsaw Film Festival, After the Bombs has received five awards from prestigious film festivals around the world. 

At this year’s Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 719 films from 40 countries were competing. The director Boško Savković  has already won the Golden Dolphin award for his film Fruits of Winter, which has also won the award for the best eco-film in 2011. 

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