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The Serbian Film Association Becomes a Full Member of the European Film Commission Network

The Serbian Film Association has become a full member of the European Film Commission Network, a professional network of 86 commissions from 27 countries.

In this way, the Association, which works on attracting international projects and the positioning of Serbia as a desirable destination for filming, has become a full-fledged partner of its European colleagues.  

Simultaneously, after successful participation at the Cineposium held in South Korea, Ana Ilić, the executive director of the SFA was chosen as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Film Commissioners International. The board consists of ten members, three of them hailing from European countries. The Serbian Film Association is the first representative in the history of this organization from Eastern Europe whose member has been chosen for its highest governing body . 

The Serbian Film Association is working intensely on its presentation at the Locations Show which will take place in 2014 in Los Angeles, organized by AFCI. This will be the fifth appearance of SFA at this event. 

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