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Serbia Takes Part in Creative Europe Program

The European Commission made a decision to include Serbia in the Creative Europe program, a 1.46 billion euro fund aimed at helping the cultural and creative sectors. 

The decision was made on the 1st of February, and it allows Serbia, along with nine other countries that are not members of the EU, to participate in culture sub-program open calls for projects. Countries such as Switzerland, Israel and Morocco are yet to be admitted to the program.

The new European Commission program named Creative Europe 2014-2020 commenced in 2014, taking the place of Culture Program 2007-2013, in which Serbia was a participant. The budget covers the entire period and is intended for the promotion of artists, culture professionals and organizations that pursue performing and visual arts, cinema, music, preservation of cultural heritage as well as video game development.  

The culture sub-program, in which Serbia has the right to participate, includes four open calls for projects: Europe Cooperative, European Platform, European Networks and Literary Translations

The Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia has secured sufficient funds for Serbian artists and creatives to participate in the program, and has also established the Desk for Creative Europe, spearheaded by Dimitrije Tadić. The desk will provide technical assistance to applicants from Serbia, as well as financial aid to projects that successfully apply in 2014.

Desk for Creative Europe
Phone: 011 3398 026

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