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The Third European Film Academy Young Audience Award in Belgrade

The third European Film Academy Young Audience Award is being organized simultaneously in 16 European cities.

European Day of Young Film Audiences – May 4th - will this year be promoted and marked for the third time all across Europe. Belgrade will have the honor to be of 16 European cities that will vote for the Young Audience Award, and Film Center Serbia and Belgrade Cultural Center are pleased to have the opportunity to organize this program.

As the name of the award says, children play a decisive role in its award because they are the ones who will votes to decide who will take the trophy.

Young audience, ages 12 to 14, has the opportunity to see three films nominated by the European Film Academy, simultaneously in all sixteen cities: Competition (MGP Missionen) directed by Martin Miehe-Renard, Denmark, Regret! (Spijt!) by Dave Schrama, the Netherlands, and Stormwind (Ostwind) directed by Katja von Garnier, Germany.

The program takes place in the Belgrade Cultural Center, Kolarčeva 6.
Young moviegoers will spend the entire day at the Belgrade Cultural Center - after the screening and discussion of the film, which in Belgrade will be led by the director Stefan Arsenijević, the audience will vote for their favourites.

The Belgrade leg of the voting results of this huge and truly European jury will be presented by young viewers-presenters, Tamara (12) and Miloš (14).

All 16 European cities will be connected by video link via the Internet and communicate their results to the organizers in Erfurt (Germany), the seat of one of the most important youth film festivals, where, at the end of the day, the award for the winning film will be presented.

Beginning at 8PM, the live stream will be online at, where you can directly find out who won Young Audience Award of the European Film Academy in 2014.

The Belgrade jury consists of students from the following primary schools: 14. Oktobar - Barič, Aleksa Šantić - Kaluđerica, Branko Ćopić – Vidikovac, Branko Radičević – Batajnica, Despot Stefan Lazarević – Mirijevo, Ivan Milutinović – Višnjica, Mihajlo Pupin – Nova Galenika, Pavle Savić – Mirijevo, Skadarlija – Stari grad, Stevan Sinđelić – Konjarnik, Zmaj Jova Jovanović – Braće Jerković 

The entire day will be filmed and the video clip of the first European Film Academy Young Audience Award will soon be available on the website of the European Film Academy as well as the national organizers’ websites.
Information from the first European Film Academy Young Audience Award held in 2012.

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