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Two awards for Mamaroš in Russia

At the recently completed 6th International Film Festival in Ulyanovsk, Russia, Mamaroš, directed by Momčilo Mrdaković, won the award for best screenplay. The film was also awarded  the Bronze Knight at the 22nd International Film Festival in Tomsk, Russia. 

Ulyanovsk is the birthplace of writer Ivana Goncharova who created the unforgettable character of Oblomov, who was the inspiration for the main character in the film. Another member of the delegation, filmmaker Jovan Markovic, screenwriter and producer, visited the house of birth of the writer. The birth house has been converted into a museum that displays not only the life of Goncharova but also life in Russia in the nineteenth century. 

The theatre where the International Film Festival in Ulyanovsk takes place is one of six movie theaters in the city and is more than a hundred years old. It has been fully preserved and even adapted with modern technology for 3D films. 

The awards ceremony was particularly interesting, being organized on a big stage on the main square, accompanied by musical performances by the Symphony Orchestra and Children's Choir with a thousand members. The same choir sang at the opening of the Olympics in Sochi this year. 

At the 22nd International Film Festival in Tomsk, Siberia, whereMamaroš was also awarded among 227 films, the awards ceremony was attended by the famous actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov.

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