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Enclave Announced As Serbian Oscar Candidate

The official Serbian 2016 Oscar candidate is Enclave, a film by Goran Radovanović, the Expert Board of the Academy of Film Arts and Science in Serbia has decided today (AFUN).

Enclave garnered 15 votes from 18 present members, said Mirko Beoković, AFUN secretary general. 

Films No One’s Child by Vuk Ršumović, We Will Be World Champions by Dark Bajić and The Man Who Defended Gavrilo Princip by Srđan Koljević. 

Other films under consideration were The Disobedient by Mina Đukić and Monument to Michael Jackson by Darko Lungulov.

AFUN has announced that the members of the Board, whose chairman is film critic Petar Volk, carefully watched all six films that have fulfilled the requirements and reached their decision via a secret ballot, after deliberation in accordance with the rules of Serbian and U.S. film academies.

18 members cast their votes, and the winning film received a majority of 15 votes, it is said in the announcement.

“We congratulate our candidate on being selected and wish the film success in further competition. We also thank the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia for its support”, AFUN added.

Enclave is a candidate in the Best Foreign Language Film in 2015, at the next, 88th Academy Awards, to be held at the beginning of 2016.

According to the rules, only films that premiered in their country of origin between October 1st previous year and September 30th of this year and were screened in commercial theatres at least seven days continuously during that period, are eligible. Therefore, festival participation is not enough.  

AFUN is required to send an extensive file regarding the chosen national candidate, and it must arrive in Los Angeles by October 1st.  

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