Kiselo dete, Beograd / Les films d’Antonine, Paris / Augenschein Filmproduktion GmbH, Köln

film suported by: Ministry of Culture RS i Film Center Serbia

directing: Mina Đukić
screenplay: Mina Đukić
director of photography: Djorđe Arambašić
editing: Ivan Vasić, Dragan Petrović
art direction: Nikola Berček
costume: Suna Kažić
actors: Hana Selimović, Mladen Sovilj, Marko Janjić, Danijel Šike, Minja Subota, Branka Šelić, Žarko Radić
duration: 135 min
format: 35 mm
category: feature film
premiere: 20.01.2014.

Lazar (24) and Leni (24) are close friends from early childhood. Leni is forced to spend summer in their small provincial hometown
Working in her parents Pharmacy. She anxiously waits for Lazar who is coming back after 3 years of studying abroad. Once they reunite
They decide to start a random bicycle trip around the sceneries of their childhood in order to either exhaust or reinvent their relationship
which is inevitably reaching its turning point.

The Disobedint is imagined as a road movie, but real movement is taking place during their attempts to reinvent childhood by running away from reality that started to maked its irreversible moves.


Born in Sombor, in 1982. In January 2008, together with her colleagues Nikola Ležaić and Uroš Tomić, founded the film company Kiselo dete. They produced their first full-length film ‘Tilva Roš’, directed by Nikola Ležaić. She directed several short films
awarded at national and international film festivals.

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