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Locations in Serbia

Although it is possible to travel around Serbia in several hours, it is also possible to see an entire large mosaic of pictures along the way.Various microclimates, each with their own atmosphere and features, are found quite near to one another. All the locations are situated under a mostly blue sky, because on average there are quite plenty of beautiful
days in a single year.

The plains of Vojvodina prepare the traveler for the rolling hills and mountains of central and southern Serbia. The golden fields and the beautifully elevated Fruska gora, a true treasure throve of enchanting monasteries, are a preview of all the different things one will encounter in Serbia. The uniquely self-sufficient and self-organized Vojvodina sits on a huge deposit of healthy organic food and is one of the largest potential European suppliers. The patchwork of rivers and channels, small lakes and national parks is of special interest to the traveler seeking natural beauty. It is possible to quickly get from the centre of Novi Sad to a true ancient forest and enjoy a real wilderness adventure.

Traveling down the mighty Danube River, one can get to know the history of all the people who have inhabited its riverbanks. The venerable stones of the ancient castles represent an ideal set for all kinds of historical spectacles. It is easy to believe that you are standing right in the middle of the vortex of history when you are surrounded with all those stone fortresses, castles and towns.

Serbia is dotted with an invisible network of monasteries dating from the Middle Ages. Those monasteries were the beacons of literacy and national spirit, and their ambiance is one of condensed time. The monastery grounds seem to represent a border between the old world, filled with myths and legends, and the contemporary world of pavement
and railroads.

There are hills and mountains all around, ideal for harboring the secrets of protagonists or for making a getaway from everyday life. The white peaks of Kopaonik, the tenderness of Zlatibor, the potential of Stara Planina. All these mountains are true oasis of immaculate nature that inspires and rejuvenates a man.

And their neighborhood is teeming with concrete and steel buildings. The blocks of New Belgrade are there if you need a setting for a car chase or an urban labyrinth. A multitude of squares, streets and alleys with authentic taverns are also an indispensable part of the Belgrade ambiance. Costumes dating from all the periods of the XVIII, XIX and XX century will easily fit into such surroundings.

A true bonanza of smells and colors awaits you on the marketplaces of  Serbia, especially in springtime, when they become open-air museums of sorts and places that everyone who visits Serbia should not miss. If you have forgotten how truly healthy and tasty food can be seductive, pay a visit -  entry is free.

When one encounters all the markings that the Celts and the Roman, Byzantine, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian empires have left here, it makes sense that former Yugoslavia was a frequent target for producers from all over the world. After putting together all the pieces of the mosaic that is Serbia, you will realize that the possibilities are endless. And you will save quite a lot on special effects.

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