Serbian films at the International Short Film Festival in Switzerland

At the 16th International Short Film Festival "Short Film Days", which take place from 6th to 11th of November in Winterthur, Switzerland, a large number of Serbian and Yugoslav films will be shown.

“Black Film" (1971) by Želimir Žilnik will be screened at the opening of the festival on 6th of November.

The film "Guys, Where Are You?" by Jelena Gavrilović (2011) will be screened in the Kino Balkan Today: Looking for Identity programme, and “I’m OK, I'm Off" by Ivan Stojiljković (2010) will be screened in the Youth Programme.

Two films will be screened as a part of the Kino Balkan Historical programme - “Monuments Should Not Be Trusted" (1958) by Dušan Makavejev and "I miss Sonja Henie" (1972) by a group of authors (Karpo Godina, Miloš Forman, Buck Henry, Tinto Brass, Paul Morrissey, Frederick Wiseman, Bogdan Tirnanić and Puriša Đorđević).

Films "Fragments" by Ivan Stojiljković and "Balkan Erotic Epic" by Marina Abramovic.
will be screened in Kino Balkan Today II, while the film "Pristina-Belgrade" by Srdjan Slavković will be screened as a part of the Kino Balkan Today: Stories From the Kosovo Margins programme.

A retrospective of films by Želimir Žilnik is scheduled for 7th of November, consisting of films, "Journal of the Village Youth in Winter" (1967), "Little Pioneers" (1968), "Unemployed" (1968), "June Turmoil" (1969) , "Black Film" (1971) and "The Uprising in Jazak" (1973), while the Retrospective II programme is scheduled for 11th of November, with the films " Tito For the Second Time Among the Serbs" (1994) and "Throwing Off the Yolks of Bondage" (1996).

The jury members of the festival are Lars Henrik Gass, Eileen Hofer, Linda O. Olszewski, Laurence Reymond and Želimir Žilnik.

In addition to films from Serbia, a number of films from the region will be screened at the festival.

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