"The Porcupine", the next film by Srdjan Dragojević, finds backers

"The Porcupine" is the first Serbian project to win the international co-production competition of the Ukraine Film Fund.

The project received €350,000 of financial backing from the Ukrainian fund.

This is the fifth national fund that has awarded funds to this adaptation of a novel by Julian Barnes, produced and directed by Srdjan Dragojević.

So far, the film has received support from the MDM Fund from Germany, as well as Bulgarian, Croatian and Polish film funds.

The project is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2014 in Serbia, Ukraine and Bulgaria, with a budget of €2,600,000 and an cast of renowned European actors, including Rade Šerbedžija, Karl Markovic (who starred in Counterfeiters, the winner of 2008 Foreign Language Academy Award), well-known German actresses Franziska Petri and Nora von Waldstatten, as well as celebrated Polish actors Danijel Olbricki, Jerzi Skolimovski and Jerzi Stur.

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