Cannes: Serbia and France Sign Cooperation Agreement

23. May 2017 | Autor: Đorđe Bajić

The Film Center Serbia and the French CNC have signed an audiovisual cooperation agreement in Cannes on the exchange of professional experience and know-how. The French will provide specialists on audiovisual legislation, film archives and anti-piracy.

Cooperation agreement between the French National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) and Film Center Serbia (FCS) is a result of close ties between the two countries in the field of film and tradition of cultural cooperation, as well as an expression of the need for stronger bilateral relationships with the goal of encouraging transfer of knowledge and best practices. One of the main goals of this agreement is the exchange of knowledge in the field of film archive management, especially when it comes to technical issues, as well as development of international co-productions and organization of meetings between French and Serbian producers. The agreement covers important issues like co-productions, film heritage, audio-visual education, institutional exchange programs and joint fight against piracy.

Boban Jevtić, head of the Serbian Film Centre said: “It’s a step on both sides toward a convention on bi-lateral cooperation at ministerial level. French films were always popular in Serbia. There are strong historical and cultural ties between our two countries.”

Two Serbian projects have recently received French support via the Cinema du Monde programme, Srdan Golubović’s new project Father to be produced by Baš Čelik productions and Stefan Arsenijević’s new project Strahinja to be produced by Art and Popcorn.

Đ. B.