About us

FILM CENTER SERBIA is a governmental institution of national importance that provides professional assistance to filmmakers. It was founded by the Republic of Serbia, and the founder’s rights are exercised by the Government in the name of the Republic of Serbia.

Film Center Serbia is entered in the register of the Commercial Court in Belgrade, registry sheet number: 5-614-00, ID number: 7017979, VAT number 100119077, code number: 8559.

The current institution was originally established by a decision of the Association of  Film Producers of Yugoslavia, no. 1233-1, dated December 25th 1959 , under the name Center for Professional Training of Filmmakers.

Union of Filmmakers of Yugoslavia took over the founder’s rights and obligations (decision No. 7, dated January 31st 1964), and the name of the institution was changed to the Film Institute.

The Association of Film Artists of Serbia assumed the founder’s rights and obligations on June 7th 1980. The institution’s name was changed to Film Center of Serbia by the Film Institute Board of Directors decision no. 03-296/1, dated September 7th 2004.

In December of 2011, the founder’s rights and obligations were transferred to the  Republic of Serbia, on the basis of a contract between the Association of Filmmakers  of Serbia – document filed on December 16th 2011 under No. 328/1 – and the  Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society – document filed on December  21st 2011 under No. 022-00-14/2011-01.

Film Center Serbia was granted the status of an institution of national importance by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, at the Cabinet meeting on April 30th 2013. The decree was published in “Službeni glasnik“ No. 41/13, dated May 10th 2013.

Film Center Serbia performs the following activities regarding film making and Cinema Law in the best interest of the Republic of Serbia:
1. prepares and implements the strategy for encouraging the carrying out, organization and financing of preparation, development, production, distribution and display of local and foreign films;
2. collects financial resources with intent to distribute them through  open competitions in order to encourage filmmaking activities in accordance with the law;
3. supports and encourages production of films by young authors and newcomers;
4. promotes Serbian film and creativity at international festivals and events;
5. encourage participation of Serbian producers in international co-productions;
6. promotes and organizes national and international film festivals and events;
7. publishes and supports books about film;
8. develops and promotes film culture;
9. performs production and financial control and analysis;
10. determines the manner and terms of the distribution of films that have been supported by funds in accordance with signed contracts;
11. documents film industry activities performed in the Republic of Serbia;
12. promotes protection, display and study of film heritage;
13. supports and organizes vocational and professional training for film makers;
14. proposes measures and cooperate with other bodies in combating illegal sale and use of film works;
15. promotes values and encourages significant measures to protect children and youth, as well as gender, race, and ethnic minority equality;
16. cooperates with professional associations, companies and individuals in order to improve the film industry;
17. keeps a centralized record of all film making activity in Serbia.

FILM CENTER SERBIA is run by an Executive Board consisting of nine members who are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and proposed by the Minister of Culture.

FILM CENTER SERBIA is managed by the Director, who is appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia and proposed by the Minister of Culture.

FILM CENTER SERBIA is organized in the following way:
– Management and Department of Finances
– Department for film and audio-visual activities support
– Department of International Relations, Placement and Promotion
– Department of Documentation
– Department of Publishing

FILM CENTER SERBIA organizes competitions for financing and co-financing of preparation, development, production, distribution and display of national films and minority co-productions.

Establishes and develops cooperative efforts with kindred institutions abroad, such as foundations, festivals, markets, promoters, film buyers and reputable associations and individuals.
Supports and organizes festivals, promotions, conferences, publications and thematic cycles dedicated to promoting Serbian films at international festivals and other similar manifestations.

DEPARTMENT OF DOCUMENTATION follows, gathers, sorts and distributes information concerning the Serbian film industry through publishing two capital editions which have been continually appearing for years: The Serbian Film Industry Yearly and Film Works of Serbia.

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLISHING develops publishing projects intended to popularize film culture and position it as a leading segment of visual culture. The overall goal of the publishing sub-department is to publish works of authors from Serbia, to follow relevant theoretical achievements and film critics from around the world and to introduce both classical and contemporary written works regarding film to the professional and general public.