Serbia and Greece sign co-operation agreement

21. Aug 2017 | Autor: Zoran Janković

During the final days of this year’s edition of The Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) an interesting and important agreement has been reached; The Greek Film Centre, represented by the general director, Elektra Venaki, and The Film Centre of Serbia, represented by the director, Boban Jevtić, have signed the contract regarding additional future co-operation  and mutual support focusing precisely on distribution of films in Greek and Serbian cinemas, respectively.

The aforementioned contract specifically deals with means and procedures of mutual help regarding film distribution in those two European countries; within the scope of the first two years both parties have obliged themselves to helping distribution up to 10 films. In addition to that, both parties have agreed to each bear the costs of translating and subtitling the films to be selected for this mutual endeavour and each of the Film centre will help the actual distributors of chosen films. It has also been established that each of the chosen films will have at least 21 screenings during the distribution.

Zoran Janković
Photo credit: Timon Hozo