supported by: Filmskog centra Srbije

production: Hypnopolis film, Serbia
producers: Branislav Jević

directing: Stevan Filipović
screenplay: Stevan Filipović, Milena Bogavac
director of photography: Maja Radošević
editing: Stevan Filipović
art direction: Ivana Karišik, Dina Juzbašić
costume: Ivana Stanković
actors: Hristina Popović, Mirjana Karanović, Dragan Mićanović, Nikola Glišić, Slaven Došlo, Gorica Regodić, Milica Majkić
duration: 110 min
format: DCP
category: dugometražni igrani film
genre: drama
premiere: 20. July 2015.

Olja is a high school history professor, young, ambitious and interested in alternative methods of education. She is married to a painter, whose latest exhibition provoked heated public reaction, because the nationalists considered it to be an insult for the Serbian people. Group of Olja’s students sees a reason to attack her because of this. They attack her in a parking lot, faces covered in ski-masks, pouring red paint over her. They film this and then upload the video clip on You Tube. The next day Olja discovers that some of her students are responsible for the attack. She takes away their mobile phones, and in the heat of the moment decides to lock them in the school building, also disconnecting the school phones and Internet. That night will forever change their lives, attitudes and thoughts.
Stevan Filipović
Born in 1981, in Belgrade. Graduated at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. Directed and edited numerous documentaries, short films and music videos. Director of Shaitan's Warrior (2006) and Skinning (2010), both films screened and awarded at numerous domestic and international festivals. He edited Clip, film directed by Maja Miloš which was awarded at Rotterdam film festival in 2012.

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