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dark comedy
“Heavens Above”, a film inspired by three stories by Marcel Ayme. After half century of Communism and Atheism – Religion is Back to stay! Three stories about the impact of MIRACLES on a post-communist society, set in 1993, 2001 and 2018. The heroes reappear in different stories and in new, ever more bizarre circumstances. Their destinies intertwine.In the first story, Stojan, a war refugee and former army officer, receives a halo as a gift from God. His wife Nada forces him to sin, she wants him to get rid of this gift and the unwanted attention from the neighbours. This good man finds it hard to commit even the smallest of sins. But gradually, from smaller to bigger sins, for the first time in his life Stojan starts to enjoy himself. He drives his family away and becomes a pimp with his halo as a guarantee of the "purity" of his girls.In the second story, Gojko, a mentally handicapped and deeply religious young man is sentenced to death for multiple murders when he tries to steal a cell phone. Gojko believes that the phone provides a direct link to his favourite idol, St. Petka. Moments before the execution, the Lord transforms Gojko into a newborn baby and resurrects the family he has murdered. However, the fact that Gojko turned into an innocent being without sins doesn't prevent the authorities from enforcing earthly laws.In the third story, Papić – a good, but unrecognised artist - enters a "nutritious" period of his work. His paintings have amazing powers - they feed the observer. The government, with Stojan in charge as the first haloed President in history, nationalizes the artist's work, along with the artist himself.“Heavens Above” gives an unconventional perspective on the transition period in a post-communist country - treating this era as a turbulent shift from pagan world into a Christian era, many Centuries ago. The occurrences of miracles is the answer of collective consciousness to the changes that force the whole community to look at the world around them, turned upside down, in a new light and miraculous perspective.
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dark comedy
05/08/2021 Locarno film festival
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