MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY (minority coproduction)

NAJLEPŠA JE ZEMLJA MOJA (manjinska koprodukcija)
Feature fiction film
Kosovo War, 1999. Albanians fight Serbs, Serbs fight Albanians. Neighbours become enemies. Friends kill each other.The young Serbian woman Danica with her two sons Danilo and Vlado lives in a small Serbian-Albanian village next to the river Ibar. She is mourning for her husband who was killed in the on going civil war. When the seriously injured UCK soldier Ramiz seeks shelter in her home, she is forced to take a decision. Shall she sell him out to the Serbian militia or try to save his life. Danica and Ramiz are practically neighbours, since he lives on the Albanian side of the river near the hospital where she gave birth to her children. Now they are declared worst enemies. By hosting and helping him she endangers her life and the life of her children. They fall in love but their young love it threatened by her jealous neighbour Jelena who denounces her. Ramiz escapes. Danilo disappears. The children of the village fall ill: The effects of the Uranium ammunition that NATO used in the bombings. Danica and the children leave the village hoping to meet Ramiz. But Ramiz, by mistake, got shot down by his own people.Even today the bridge over the Ibar is closed. Albanians and Serbs live lives divided and torn by hatred and aggression. The effects of the war go on till this very day.
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NAJLEPŠA JE ZEMLJA MOJA (manjinska koprodukcija)
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MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY (minority coproduction)
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