Romanian-Serbian co-production Malmkrog also awarded in Berlin

29. February 2020.

More good news from the 70th Berlin Film Festival: Romanian director Cristi Puiu has won the Golden Bear for Best Director in the newly launched competition program Meetings, for his film Malmkrog. This Romanian-Serbian film was made with the support of both the Film Center Serbia and the participation of Serbian film professionals.

Malmkrog is based on Vladimir Solovyov’s philosophical treatise “Three Conversations,” was co-produced by Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Produced by Anka Puiu for Mandragora (Romania), the lead producer is Anamaria Antoci, co-produceers are Milan Stojanović of Sense Production, Ivica Vidanović of Cinnamon Film (Serbia), Jorgen Andersen of Doppleganger (Sweden), Dan Wesler of Bord Cadre Films ( Switzerland), Mirsad Purivatra of Production 2006 (BiH) and Labin Mitevska of the Mitevski Siblings (Northern Macedonia).

The sound design is by  Serbian sound designers Zoran Maksimović and Ognjen Popić. Computer visual effects were created by Živa Stanojević and Vukan Burić, and the film is set to tjhe music by Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac, a Serbian romantic composer. In addition, Serbian camera operators worked on the film, using equipment from one of the local movie rentals. Film Center Serbia supported the project ” (then called Summer House) through the competition for co-financing minority co-productions in 2018.