The distribution company “101 STUDIO” has officially concluded an agreement on American rights for the film Dara of Jasenovac, directed by Predrag Antonijević, which was chosen as the Serbian candidate for the 93rd Academy Awards – Oscar 2021. The film is to be released in USA on February 5th.

The main roles in this historical feature film were entrusted to Biljana Čekić in the role of Dara, Zlatan Vidović, Nikolina Friganović, Natasa Ninković, and Anja Stanić.

Set in the 1940s, the film follows young Dara (Biljana Čekić) in Croatia as she faces the horrors of the Holocaust era after being sent with her mother and siblings to a concentration camp complex known as Jasenovac. The facility was the only operational death camp during World War II that was not created or run by the Germans, but its supervisors were no less ruthless or cruel.

Under the supervision of vicious emissaries of the fascist Ustasha government, the camp was used to kill Serbs, Jews and Roma – and to re-educate the few children considered worthy of rehabilitation. As unspeakable atrocities unfold around her, young Dara must invoke tremendous courage to protect her little brother from a terrible fate, to survive herself, and to chart an uncertain path to freedom.

The project arrived at “101 STUDIO” under the “management baton” of Studio 101 Executive Board member Ron Burkle, who said that he had extremely respected the work of director Predrag Antonijevic for years and added his observations about the film: “I was touched by an unknown story told about Dari from Jasenovac. I believe that the audience will appreciate the skill that told this convincing story through the eyes of a small child. ”

The executive director of “101 Studio”, David Glaser, points out that Dara from Jasenovac is the first feature film that exposes crimes as he says “notoriously brutal concentration camp Jasenovac” and adds: “It is our responsibility to tell this incredible story, and Studio 101 feels privileged to introduce the American audience to the film”.

The film was produced by Predrag Antonijević and Maksa Ćatović, and the script is signed by Natasa Drakulic. The film was supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as Film Center Serbia, and the distributor of the film is MCF MegaCom Film.