Open Call for Submissions for the new visual identity of Film Center Serbia

10. May 2021.

Film Center Serbia invites interested parties, individuals and groups of authors to submit competitive studies of the conceptual and graphic design of the visual identity (logo) of the Film Center Serbia.

Information about Film Center Serbia

Film Center Serbia is a cultural institution that performs professional work in the field of cinematography. Its founder is the Republic of Serbia, and the founding rights are exercised by the Government on behalf of the Republic of Serbia. The Center has the status of a legal entity. The seat of the Center is in Belgrade.

The Center is a cultural institution established for the purpose of achieving the general interest established by law in the field of cinematography, in accordance with the law, the Statute and other general acts of the Center, as follows:

1) preservation of continuity, freedom and diversity of cinematographic creativity;

2) preservation of Serbian national and cultural identity;

3) encouragement of domestic film artistic creation;

4) encouraging the production of domestic and foreign cinematographic works in the Republic of Serbia;

5) encouraging distribution and public showing in the field of cinematographic creativity;

6) encouraging the renewal, maintenance and standardization of the cinema network;

7) encouraging the development of the technical base of cinematography of the Republic of Serbia and the introduction of information technologies and modernization in the field of cinematography;

8) introduction of a unified electronic information center for the distribution and sale of cinema tickets;

9) encouragement and preservation of the cultural identity of domestic cinematographic creativity;

10) exercising the right to cultural uniqueness in the field of cinematography of members of national minorities in the Republic of Serbia;

11) promotion of international cooperation and integration of domestic cinematography into European and world programs for the development of cinematography;

12) encouraging cultural diversity in the field of cinematography;

13) encouraging the presentation of domestic cinematographic works at important international events;

14) preservation and popularization of film heritage, teleking and digitization of cinematographic works whose right to be shown is possessed by the Yugoslav Cinematheque or another institution engaged in the same activity on any basis; i

15) protection of children and youth, equality of sexes, races and minority groups in cinematographic works.

The conceptual and graphic design of the visual identity of Film Center Serbia should represent the identity and values ​​of the institution.

The conceptual graphic design should contain either the full name of Film Center Serbia or the letters FCS in Latin and Cyrillic, as well as a variant in English.

The conceptual design will be used on the stationary, the website of Film Center Serbia, social networks, promotional material and other media according to the decision of Film Center Serbia.

The conceptual design must be the author’s conceptual design and must not contain parts of any other author’s work. The submitted designs must not be previously published, or otherwise publicly distributed and must not violate the rights of third parties.

Participation in the competition
Participation in the competition is open to all individuals and groups of authors.

The following do not have the right to participate in the competition:

  • members of the competition commission for this competition and related legal and / or natural persons,
  • representatives of Film Center Serbia (director, members of the Management Board, Supervisory Board, Art Council and related legal and / or natural persons) and
  • employees and employees in Film Center Serbia and related legal and / or natural persons.

For the purposes of this competition, the persons listed in Article 67, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Statute of Film Center Serbia no. 03-1253 dated 13 May 2019.

Persons wishing to participate in the competition should submit the competition documentation, which consists of the conceptual design and a duly completed application for the competition (hereinafter: “Application”). The competition documentation is submitted to the e-mail address: (with the obligatory indication “COMPETITION – SELECTION OF THE LOGO OF THE FILM CENTER OF SERBIA”, in the subject) within 30 days from the day of announcing the competition. Tender documents submitted after the deadline will not be taken into account.

One person can submit several different applications and design concepts , in separate tender documents.

The application should contain the applicant’s data (name and surname, e-mail address and telephone number) and the applicant’s statements on acceptance of the conditions of the competition, originality of the work, as well as on the exclusion of third parties from authorship over it.

The application also contains a statement that the conceptual design by which it is applied for was created exclusively for the needs of this competition, and that it was not published and used for other purposes. The submission of a work is also considered the submission of a conceptual design to any type of competition.

In the case of a design that has the characteristics of a co-authored or merged work, the application contains information on all co-authors or authors of merged works, and the signatory of the application is considered the responsible person on behalf of the participants in terms of presentation and legal transactions.

Concepts should be submitted in PDF format, in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi).

Along with the conceptual design, it is necessary to submit a written explanation of the study (motive, symbolism, application of the design) with a maximum length of up to 20 sentences, with the signature of the applicant.

The participants in the competition whose conceptual design will be selected for the second round of elections are obliged to submit the conceptual design in the form of a book of graphic standards in PDF format in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi).

The book of graphic standards should contain the following: BASICS OF IDENTITY: Logo (1.1 Logo appearance, 1.2 Basic and modified Logo , 1.3 Character colors, 1.4 Logo / grid construction, 1.5 Outline, positive and negative of the Logo , 1.6 Logo positioning, 1.7 Illegal use of the Logo ) ; Typography (2.1 Standard letter types (fonts), 2.2 Standard letter types (fonts) Cyrillic) Colors (3.1 Basic and accompanying colors; 3.2 Other characters and their basic and accompanying colors); BASIC CORPORATE MATERIALS: 4.1 Business card – standard, 4.2 Stationary – standard, A4, 4.3 Envelopes – American, A4, 4.4 Notebooks – A4, small (150 x 210), cover and inner sheets, 4.5 Folder – basic, 4.6 ID cards, 4.7 Bag – paper, 4.8 Corporate graphics, 4.9 Electronic presentation; APPLICATION EXAMPLE: 5.1 CD, 5.2 Representation, 5.3 Spatial application – ballpoint pen, 5.4 Spatial application – T-shirt, 5.5 Spatial application – bag / tote.

Decision-making procedure and selection criteria
After the end of the deadline for submission of applications, a commission composed of 5 members appointed by the Management Board of Film Center Serbia will decide on the winner of the competition.

The competition procedure takes place in two rounds. In the first round, the commission forms a shortlist of at most 3 conceptual designs. The deadline for forming the shortlist is 30 days from the day the deadline for submitting applications expires.

After determining the shortlist, the second election round is started, in which the winner of the competition is decided. The deadline for making a decision of the competition commission on the winner of the competition is 30 days from the day of determining the shortlist.

Conceptual designs will be evaluated according to their visual appeal and design quality, and in accordance with the following criteria:

  • identification (originality, recognizability, authenticity, durability, striking…);
  • meaning (connection with the activities of Film Center Serbia, comprehensibility, resistance to abuse ();
  • aesthetics (attractiveness, a measure of abstraction and simplicity, choice of colors and accompanying elements (),
  • technology (applicability, execution of details…).

It is recommended that the conceptual design contains the colors of the state symbol of the Republic of Serbia.

In the event that no conceptual design is selected, Film Center Serbia reserves the right not to announce the winner and hold the competition again.

The results of the competition will be published within 15 days from the day of the end of the competition procedure.

The first-placed conceptual design , ie the author of the winning design , will be awarded with 1,000,000.00 dinars.

The authors of the second-placed and third-placed conceptual design have the right to reimbursement of the necessary costs incurred for the production of the book of graphic standards according to the attached costs (invoices), up to the amount of 180,000.00 dinars.

Winning design
Film Center Serbia intends to use the winning design as its logo.

The author of the winning design agree that the conceptual design becomes the property of Film Center Serbia, which can continue to use it without its additional approvals.

The author of the winning design transfers all property and other rights of the author to Film Center Serbia, after he is paid the prize for winning the competition.

Film Center Serbia has the right, if the need arises, to request certain adjustments from the author to the conceptual and graphic design .

Film Center Serbia has the right to use the chosen conceptual design in whole or in part.