This February, the Film Center Serbia Auditoriom in the MTS Dvorana multiplex will be the host of a retrospective of the oeuvre of Darko Bajić, one of the most important contemporary Serbian film and TV directors.

The special value of this film program is reflected in Bajić’s genre diversity. Five feature films, two feature-length documentaries as well as six episodes of the digitized TV series Grey Home show the wide range of Bajić’s creativity, and provide a chance for a comprehensive review of his work.

From Forgotten (1988) to the film The Name of the Nation (2022), in a span of 35 years, Darko Bajić has always intrigued with his specific style. From the treatment of the marginalized in Forgotten (Botriša Gortynski’s outstanding photography is still remembered) and the film Initial Shot, in which concern for form prevails over mere social engagement, to The Name of the People, his latest film, based on Milovan Vitezović’s script, where Bajić leans towards the historical-biographical film genre, reconstructing the life and work of Svetozar Miletić and his struggle for the annexation of Vojvodina to the Kingdom of Serbia.

Bajić’s contribution is no lesser in the field of documentary film, with Line of Life being considered his creative highlight.

Bajić’s films and episodes of his TV series will be screened from February 5th to 17th at the MTS Dvorana in Belgrade.

Forgotten film poster
First Blow film poster
A still from the Grey Home TV series