The experimental film “Ibarska Highway” by Aleksandrija Ajduković, produced with the support of Film Center Serbia and produced by Talas Film, received special recognition for a debut film at the Balkan beyond Borders festival in Greece. The award was given, as the jury said, “for creativity in portraying the invisible connections between infrastructure, people and events.”

This film is a journey through the Ibar motorway in Serbia from Orlovača to the border crossing with Montenegro and the village of Bregovi where “Ibarska” motorway could be said to originate from. The experimental film collage consists of LomoKino camera footage, digital videos, portraits by the side of the road and scenes from the yards of people living near the motorway.

Aleksandrija Ajduković is the director. The editor is Miloš Korać, producer is Nebojđa Miljković, the sound was done by Milođ Drobnjaković, and music is the work of Mangulica FM.