The documentary “Yugo Goes to America” directed by Filip Grujić, which is currently in production, follows a film crew traveling in an old Yugo across the length of America.

In its time, the Yugo was declared by some to be “the worst car in the history of the United States of America”, but today there is no longer any question as to whether that is true. Today, it is an exotic phenomenon that attracts a lot of attention, sparks discussions and lives the life of a rock star.

During their journey, the authors of this documentary will conduct interviews with the people who were responsible for creating Yugo America in the eighties, as well as enthusiasts who still drive it in America today, along the way trying to connect the story of the Yugo in America with the personal story of the breakup of their family and country, and also, asking the question: “who decides what is really bad?”

In order to collect the necessary money to complete the shooting of the film in America, the author’s team launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

The film crew arrived in New York in mid-July, where they started their adventure.

After touring the east coast and thecities of Washington, Baltimore, Columbus and Detroit, the next destination is Chicago, where the film crew will have the opportunity to meet and film various Serbian cultural organizations. After Chicago, they plan on journeying to Indianapolis, Nashville, and then through the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada – all the way to California and Los Angeles, where the Yugo will finally realize its American dream.

The director and author of this documentary film is writer and playwright Filip Grujić. The producer is Čarna Vučinić, while the rest of team of the film consists of director of photography Aleksa Borković, editor Kristina Todorović, sound designer Jana Baljak and sound recorders Aleksandar Blažić and Ivana Finci. The project is realized in cooperation with the American production company Cavas Film, and with the support of the media company United Media.

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