The short film “Bambilend” by the student of digital arts at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, Danilo Stanimirović, won the award for the best student film at the Artists Forum festival in New York. The Artists Forum Festival of the Moving Image was held from October 16th to November 14th in New York, where 42 short films from 16 countries were screened. The film Bambilend won the award for best student film.
Danilo Stanimirović previously won awards for this film at the Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo, Pančevo Film Festival and the International Short Film Festival Film Front, where the award for the best camera was won by Aleksa Borković, a student of the Department of Digital Arts.
The synopsis of this film reads: Strahinja has just graduated from the acting academy and is working as a clown at children’s birthday parties. Bambilend is a large amusement park in his hometown that operated while Strahinja was growing up. Now Bambilend is abandoned and ruined and as such is a metaphor for Strahinja’s generation.

The producer, screenwriter and director of this production is Danilo Stanimirović. The executive producer is Doloris Ašković, the director of photography is Aleksa Borković, and the editor is Nevena Jovanović. The assistant director is Aleksa Vitorović, who also took care of the color correction. Nebojsa Stojanovic was in charge of the tone, Predrag Veljkovic was the set designer, and Nada Danev was the costume designer and make-up artist. UI design and editing of archive recordings was done by Sara Nenadić, and the secretary of the director and klaper was Aleksandra Mitrović. The cameramen’s assistants were Andrijana Jevđić and Aleksa Vitorović. Andrijana Jevđić was also a photographer on the set. The author of the poster is Emilija Terzić.