On the occasion of the 60 years of operation of the Belgrade Cultural Center Hall (DKC), a series of programs will take place from October 19th to 22th 2023.

The auditorium of the Cultural Center of Belgrade is not only known as a cinema of quality and a venue for arthouse films, but also a favored meeting place of film lovers and filmmakers.

Apart from countless Serbian and Yugoslav filmmakers of all generations, the Hollywood star Burt Lancaster, French diva Sophie Marceau, famous Polish-French author Andrzej Žulawski, controversial Argentinian director Gaspar Noe, Warhol’s collaborator and cult American avant-garde author Paul Morrissey were just some of the famous filmmakers whose conversations with the Belgrade audience took place here and are still remembered . And David Lynch chose DKC for his exclusive, first public appearance after the end of the third season of the series “Twin Peaks” in September 2017.

The first and decades-long film program editor, Marija Marinčić Majdak, left a legacy not only of programs, but together with the film critic of the newspaper “Politika” Milutin Čolić, selected the review of the most watched and the best films shown in the previous year, which encouraged the establishment of Belgrade Film Festival FEST.

The contemporary concept of DKC in the 21st century was established by the distinguished film critic Nebojša Popović, who, with the support of the editor-in-chief of the program Vesna Danilović, created the film program under the slogan “Theater of good film”, focusing above all on arthouse and authorial film with high professional standards.

The hall of the Cultural Center of Belgrade hosts almost all the most important festivals of the local cultural scene, and some of them, such as the Author’s Film Festival, the Free Zone and the Nordic Panorama, take place in this theater. International film festivals such as the Spanish Meter, GoetheFest, and expertly selected reviews of national cinema such as Finnish, Austrian, Israeli, Romanian, Iranian documentary films, Japanese-Serbian films all take place here, as well as the largest film festivals in Serbia: FEST and BELDOCS. Cooperation with young creators is fostered, especially within the framework of the International Student Film Camp Interakcija.

In 2006 DKC became a member of the European cinema network Europa Cinemas.

The Cultural Center of Belgrade, in cooperation with nine other founders in the field of film art, established the annual award “Nebojša Popović” for the promotion and critical consideration of film art and culture.

The editor of the film program since 2015 was Stefan Arsenijević with periodic collaboration with guest-editors Bojan Vuletić, Melina Pota Koljević, Maja Uzelac. Today, the editor of the film program is Ivan Aranđelović.

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