The Belgrade production house Red Production is the co-producer of the new film by the internationally respected Russian film author, Kirill Serebrenikov (1969); the main part of the shooting of his new film “Disappearance” has been completed, and editing is underway.

Serebrenikov, along with Olivier Guez, who won the prestigious “Renodo” award for his book, is also the screenwriter of his new film. The film is a German-French-Serbian-Latvian-Uruguayan co-production. The production team is even more diverse and hails from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, America, Great Britain, Spain, Israel…

The story follows the infamous doctor Josef Mengele during his years on the run, from Paraguay to the jungles of Brazil.

Among others, the producers of the film are: Ilya Stewart, Aleksandr Fomin, Charles Gillibert…, and on the Serbian side there is Miloš Đukelić and his company RED Production. Part of the team are: Ksenija Tomović Đukelić (leader of the Serbian production team), Vladimir Đukelić (assistant producer and post-production coordinator for Serbia and DIT during filming), Miloš Mirković (second camera assistant), the finances are managed by Biljana Gagić with the help of Aleksandra Radoičić, while Ivana Panić coordinates the team in Belgrade, and the travel coordinator is Vladislav Tomanić. Russian filmmakers and film workers now living in Serbia also contribute to this sure-to-be festival hit: Vladislav Opelyants is the director of photography, Nikolai Sinkarenko is the first camera assistant, and Andrey Mesnyankin is in charge of color grading.

The film stars August Diehl (known for his role in Tarantino’s film Inglorious Bastards, but also for his collaboration with Terence Malick) as well as Max Bretschneider, David Ruland, Dana Herfurth, Burghart Klaussner.

Filming took place in Latvia and Uruguay, the plates for post-production will be shot in Auschwitz in Poland, Argentina, Brazil and Serbia, and the post-production will be largely done in Serbia.

By the way, this is not the only collaboration of Kirill Serebrenikov with Đukelić and his production company, because together they are also preparing the play “Ordinary story” by the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, which will premiere at the end of the year in Belgrade. The well-known Russian actor and director Alexey Agranovich, now residing in Serbia, plays in that play and helps put it on stage.