The 21st edition of the CineLink Industry Days at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival concluded with the award ceremony, where projects in various formats and stages of development hailing from Southeast Europe and the MENA region were presented and awarded.

The award ceremony was held in Villa Brown, and the CineLink award presented by Film Center Serbia was won by the Montenegrin project “Primavera” by Dušan Kasalica, the director whose previous work includes “Laurel Elegy” (2021) and the short film “Pearl Coast” (2015 ).

The jury for the CineLink Award of Film Center Serbia and the CineLink Award of Film Center Montenegro included Ivan Karl (Film Center Serbia), Sanja Jovanović (Film Center Montenegro), Behruz Hashemijan (Silkroad Production) and Čedomir Kolar (A.S. A.P. Films).

In the explanation, the jury has written: “Recognized for its research on the evolutionary role of women in modern society, and especially in the aspect of pro-male vision of selective abortion, through an exciting narrative and artistic finesse, the CineLink award of Film Center Serbia is awarded to the Montenegrin project ‘Primavera’ directed by Dušan Kasalica . .”

“Primavera” is produced by the Montenegrin company Meander Film, and the project received funding from Film Center of Serbia in the amount of 10,000 euros. The award of the Film Center Montenegro in the same monetary amount went to the Greek project “The Long Embrace of Gabriel Cafka” (production company: Wild At Heart).