At this year’s second session of the Eurimages pan-European fund, a decision was made to provide support for co-productions of 33 feature films, including three documentaries and two animated productions. The total amount of support for all projects is almost 10 million euros. 18 of these projects are directed by women. On that occasion, Serbian film projects were also supported, as well as several Serbian minority co-productions, and all of these projects had previously received support from Film Center Serbia.

The mentioned fund supported projects of (new) Serbian films directed by directors from our country: Nikola Ležaić, Ivana Mladenović and Vladimir Tagić. Minority Serbian co-production projects were also supported: the Slovenian-Czech-Serbian film Bloka 5 directed by Klemen Dvornik (the project received support of 150 thousand euros, the Serbian co-producer is Living Pictures), Macedonian-Serbian-Turkish-Croatian-Montenegro co-productions Man Against the Flock (support amounts to 265 thousand euros, Serbian co-producer is the production: Filmoskopija – Jordanco Petkovski PR).

This fund supported the project of a new feature film by Nikola Ležaić; tentatively titled Mama, it is a co-production of Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia, while the Serbian producer is PR Qče. This project was supported by Eurimages in the amount of 116 thousand euros. Nikola Ležaić is known as the author of the multiple award-winning film Tilva Roš.

Ivana Mladenović has been supported by this co-production fund in the amount of 354 thousand euros for the project of the Serbian-Romanian film Sorella di Clausura, and the Serbian producer is the company DUNAV 84. Ivana Mladenović’s work biography also includes notable directorial works: the documentary film Turn Off the Light , full-length feature films Soldiers. A Tale from Ferantari and Ivana the Terrible (in which she also plays the main role), and the Serbian TV series Block 27 as well as the Romanian-German-Belgian-French feature film Hearts with Scars by the famous director Radu Jude.

Vladimir Tagić received the support of Euriomages for the project of the feature film Yugo Florida; the support amounts to 105 thousand euros. The Serbian producer is Sense Production, and it is a co-production between Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro. Tagić directed several short feature films, was the director of the television series Suspicious Faces, Tomorrow Will Change Everything, Mom and Dad Play at War, Sons of Evil and Sabre, while he was an assistant director on the films Barbarians, Requiem for Mrs. J., Panama, Fatherland, Load, Asymmetry and After Winter.

The representatives of Serbia in the Eurimages Fund, which brings together 39 member states, are Jugoslav Pantelić and Ksenija Zelenović.