The FCS Board of Directors has accepted the proposals of the commissions for the Competition for financing and co-financing projects in cinematography for 2021, in the categories: Co-financing the production of domestic short feature films and Co-financing the production of domestic feature animated films.


Director: Zoran Krstić
Production: Mir Media Group
Amount in RSD: 30,000,000

From the explanation: The plot of this anti-utopian story set in the future takes place in two opposing worlds that permeate, the real and the virtual, both are brilliantly designed, complex and astonishing. The characters are very plastic and motivated, both human and AI. The attached storyboard also suggest about careful and thoughtful framing. Bearing in mind that the film is designed as a combination of animated and feature form (80% animated, 20% feature), in which real and virtual are carefully layered, the artistic stylization is reasonably graded in accordance with the different plans in the film.

Milo and Maya and Ellie-N
Authors: Lazar Bodroža and Ana Uzelac
Production: BUNKER VFX
Amount in RSD: 30,000,000

From the explanation: The proposed film is a slapstick comedy intended for children, but prepared in such a way as to be of interest to grown-ups as well, which is the impression that the Commission gained. The plot and characters reflect a multi-genre matrix (comedy, drama, action, SF…), in the function of a very dynamic story full of action, twists and absurdities… Extremely professionally prepared competition documentation in all segments with visual templates that are artistically convincing, stylistically consistent and elaborated in detail. The teaser was of particularly high quality, evoking the atmosphere the film. Luxurious and witty visual interpretation of the character promises an exciting experience for viewers of all generations in the best tradition of the so-called. family movie.


September Dawn
Directed by: Ivan Đurović
Amount in RSD: 1,170,000

From the explanation: The story follows Mamba, a young Belgrade hoodlum who forges an almost perfect plan to spend the night on the Danube desert island with Anica, the girl he is in love with. As it usually happens with “perfect” plans, at one point everything goes downhill, to culminate in a fight for their bare life… Ivan Đurović, although young, has exceptional works behind him that have already been awarded. This picaresque YA adventure with a love plot is dramaturgically skillful, and considering the earlier works of the author’s team, there is no doubt that it will be visually excellent as well.

Directed by: Katarina Živanović
Production: LILIT
Amount in RSD: 1,491,000

From the explanation: The script for the film follows the former pianist Ina as she begins to navigate her marrige. Ina realizes that, like it or not, she has to fit into the mold of a woman and a housewife and is therefore torn between the past (carefree life with mom and grandma) and the future (having children, responsibility and adjusting to her husband)… The script skillfully balances between genres and art film and uses genre elements to portray the subtle psychological states of the protagonist.

Directed by: Strahinja Mladjenović
Production: ALTERTISE
Amount in RSD: 2,120,000

From the explanation: The  film Follows Andrej, an elderly retired actor who visits his wife in the hospital every day after the third consecutive amputation of her leg. The wife will not live long, her body can no longer endure, but Andrej denies their inevitable parting. Rejecting the inevitable, Andrej actually escapes into his imaginary world… In addition to the dramaturgical and visual qualities that characterize this script, a detailed director’s treatment is attached, which confirms that Strahinja Mladjenović has a clear vision of his future film.

Body Parts
Directed by: Svetislav Dragomirović
Production: GRAY TREE FILM
Amount in RSD: 719,000.00

From the explanation: The film follows Anita, a girl with a pronounced psychological problem and a dysfunctional family. In an attempt to protect her mother from a violent father, Anita decides to kill him, but fails to do so… The already recorded and somewhat edited material shows freshness, innovation and originality. The initiative of the author team is to be commended. That is why the commission decided to support this project.