The 31st Trieste Film Festival, the leading Italian festival dedicated to the cinemas of Central and Eastern Europe, will take place from January 17th to January 23td, and several Serbian films as well as Serbian minority co-productions are taking part.

The feature film competition program will see the screenings of Asymmetry by Maša Nešković as well as the Romanian-Serbian co-production Ivana the Terrible by Ivana Mladenović. Asymmetry is also a minority Italian co-production, and this film’s project participated in the This is IT! program of When East Meets West (WEMW) co-production market at the previous Trieste festival.

Two Serbian minority co-productions will be screened out of the competition for the awards in Trieste  – The Last Serb in Croatia by Predrag Ličina and Rounds by Stefan Komandarev. There is also a special screening of the classic W. R. – The Mysteries of the Organism by the giants of Yugoslav and Serbian film, the late Dušan Makavejev.

Taking part at the competition program for short films is the remarkable achievement We Saw the Summer by Nikola Stojanović. The Art & Sound program will also feature Makavejev Case: The Process in the Cinema Room by Goran Radovanović and a Serbian Minority Co-Production, a biographical documentary Tusta by Andrej Korovljev.

The project for 1970, a feature film by Darko Lungulov, director of There and Here and Monument to Michael Jackson will take part at this year’s edition of the aforementioned When East Meets West co-production market.