The film The Game has won the best screenplay award at the Madrid International Independent Film Festival.

The Game is the debut film by Ana Lazarević and was shown at the 50th FEST, as part of the competition program “FEST Focus”. This Serbian-American co-production had its world premiere last year at the 46th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), as part of the Discovery program.

Ana Lazarevic wrote, directed and produced the film based on her own script, and she also edited it together with Ana Goda. The director of photography is Joaquin Neira, while the music is composed by William Ryan Fritsch. The expert consultant for working with child actors was Nenad Nenadović. The film lasts 93 minutes, was created under the auspices of the film company 24th of March Productions and is supported by Film Center Serbia.

The film stars Branislav Trifunović (Photo 24th of March Productions)

Branislav Trifunović plays the smuggler Strahinja, who is trapped with two migrant boys in the Balkan hinterland, in an attempt to win the “game” and find them an illegal passage to Western Europe.