Heroes of Halliard, a film by the author and director Radoš Bajić produced by Telekom Serbia and Contrast studios, had the honor of being the first Serbian film in history to be shown in the US Congress on Capitol Hill.

Namely, in that very place, on Tuesday, March 5th 2024, this film inspired by the rescue operation of allied pilots behind enemy lines in war-torn Yugoslavia, had a special screening in front of high-ranking U.S. dignitaries and representatives of the Serbian embassy.

This important cultural event was attended by several congressmen, distinguished figures from the American public and cultural life, as well as the Serbian ambassador to the US, Marko Đurić and John Capello, president of the Halliard Foundation. In addition to the author Radoš Bajić, the audience had a chance to meet Aleksandra Martinović, director of Telekom Srbija’s Multimedia Directorate, Nedeljko Bajić, producer and actor, as well as American actors who play some of the main roles in the production, Steven Moore and Nikola Kent.