In the National Museum of Serbia, the XXIII International Archaeological Film Festival is currently underway, until May 27th. The event was opened by Danijela Vanušić, Assistant Minister for Cultural Heritage and Digitization. This year’s guest of honor is the Republic of Greece – Hellenic Foundation for Culture, whose films “The Return of the Lost” and “Twelve Decades of Discovery” opened this year’s review. Film screenings are held every day at 19:00 at the National Museum of Serbia.

“The Greek state has full support and a stable partner in the Republic of Serbia.” Significant cultural, political and historical ties have been in existence continuously for 150 years as a bridge of friendship connecting our two peoples. The fact that 22 films from six countries in Europe and Asia are participating in the Show additionally shows that there are no borders for culture. It contributes to true understanding between peoples, religions, traditions and political forms,” said Vanušić.

She pointed out that the Ministry of Culture, by supporting this event, is carrying out its mission of protection and preservation of the archaeological heritage in the best possible way, as well as the promotion of Serbian culture and its connection with the world.

This year’s program included 22 films from six countries – Greece (2), Italy (4), Spain (3), Russia (2), Iran (2), and Serbia (9).

As in previous years, the selected films are characterized by high production values, diversity of approaches and attractive forms of interpretation of cultural heritage, thus enabling all those interested, lovers of ancient civilizations, vanished cultures and forgotten peoples, to see the precious monuments of world heritage in a different way.

The first international archaeological film review at the National Museum was held in 1998, in cooperation with the organizers of the Festival in Rovereto, the magazine Archeologia Viva and the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade. From the very beginning, the review was conceived as a review of the latest film productions of archeological documentary film, and a special curiosity is the fact that Belgrade is one of the few European cities whose cultural public, year after year, has the opportunity to meet the highest quality film productions, thanks to which we get to know different segments of unique and invaluable world cultural heritage.