The first Swedish-Serbian feature film by actress Jelena Mila, Steel Warrioresses, premieres exactly in time to commemorate the centenary of the Great War, has now gon on to the festival circuit. After FEST in Belgrade, the Balkan New Film Festival in Oslo and Bergen, and after recieveing Audience Awards at BaNeFF, Sopto, Nis Film Meetings, FIFF – Perast, Trebinje, and Golden Knight in Sevastopol, the film was selected for the American Film Market and World Film Fair in Santa Monica, USA, between November 10th and 17thr. Afterwards, the film will appear at the Cyprus International Film Festival in Nicosia, November 25th-30thr, in the main selection for the Golden Aphrodite Award.

This film is about thirteen volunteer women in World War I and the Balkans. Although geographically defined, it depicts the strength of women all around the world who stood up for their own truth and fought at the front lines side by side with men.

Jelena Mila stated the following:

“Recently, I completed my master’s degree in film theory at Stockholm University, with my thesis focusing on the producer Christine Vachon, and her film Boys Don’t Cry, an Academy Award winner. It will be interesting for me to be on the scene in Los Angeles, attend a screening of my small but significant film, and participate in a panel with ‘From No Budget to Big Business’ (named after the may master theses) on November 14th 2019 in Santa Monica. Another proof that life always goes beyond fiction. ”

Jelena Mila is working on developing two more feature films and her first documentary.