It has been revealed and confirmed that My Morning Laughter, the feature film debut of screenwriter and director Marko Đorđević, will be featured in the official program of the upcoming 49th Rotterdam International Film Festival.

After notable festival performances in our country and even three major festival awards in just two weeks (awards at the Belgrade Film Festival, Pančevo Film Festival and Šumadija International Film Festival in Kragujevac), this acclaimed debut by Marko Đorđević will also embark on the international festival scene – first, to the o Bright Future program of the RIFF, focused on current first or second films in the careers of directors  from all over the world.  The International Rotterdam Film Festival (IRFF) will take place from 22nd January to 2nd February 2020

My morning laughter is a story of the late blooming of 30-year-old Dejan who finally loses his virginity. All of this, in a broad sense, is about a generation that grew up over-protected and whose parents were trying to keep their children away from the harsh reality. Now that parents have lost their dignity and strength and when families start to collapse, their children, already adults, finally have to take up responsibility and face life.

The screenwriter is Marko Đorđević, who is also the director and the editor. The film was produced by  Miloš Pušić, the DOP is Stefan Milosavljević, the costumes by Lila Vuković and set design by Marija Kojić; the sound design is by Stevan Milošević, and sound editing by Boris Zaborski and Prvoslav Živanović, sound mix by Kostas Fylaktidis and color correction by Eszter Nagy. The film stars Filip Đurić, su Jasna Đuričić and Ivana Vuković, with Nebojša Glogovac playing one of his final film roles. The film also stars Bratislav Slavković, Stefan Trifunović, Momčilo Simić, Snežana Tatalović, Sonja Isailović and others.

The film was produced by the production company Altertise, in co-production with Cinnerent production, and with the support of theFilm Center Serbia and the City of Kragujevac. The producer of the film is Miloš Pušić, co-producer is Ivica Vidanović, and the executive producer is Stefan Jevđenijević. The film runtime is 94 minutes.