The only Serbian project selected among the 35 projects for this year’s 15th Dok Co-Pro Market  Dot Leipzig in Leipzig is the documentary film SFrj (One Dying Star) by Tea Lukač. As stated on the festival website, this project is being produced as a co-production between Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany. The market is being held today and tomorrow, October 28th and 29th.

This project was also presented as part of this year’s FEST Forward and Beldocs Academy programs, and is about the story of Yugoslav science-fiction films. The tagline that the author team describes for this movie is “The true story of science-fiction films that were scared of the future and made in a country that no longer exists.”

The synopsis, among other things, emphasized that “one of the key aspects of Yugoslav films that belong to the science fiction genre is that they rarely dealt with the future. In a country built on the promise of a better society, it seems that film was afreaid of that future. Therefore, Yugoslav films have not even succeed in predicting the collapse of society and the film industry itself. ”

The director of this film is Tea Lukač. The screenwriter is Dimitrije Vojnov, and the producer is Danilo Bećković, the duo behind local hits Mali Budo and The Samurai in Autumn. The film is produced by Mali Budo, d.o.o.