Gorana Jovanović’s  short film project titled No Elephants Here was selected for presentation at the Euro Connection program, taking place at the co-production market segment of the short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The festival will take place from January 31st to February 8th.

The synopsis of this movie is: Frankie is a former boxing youth champion, but hardly anyone remembers his short-lived glory. His cousin Shiljo is a mover and calls Frankie whenever he needs help. He also sometimes invites Chombe, the local jerk whose idea of fun is picking on the “champ.” Although he avoids it, Šiljo is this time forced occasion to call them both for help. Their first task is to deliver a full van of taxidermy animals to amuseum, and the second is to clean the house of Frankie’s recently deceased former trainer Zlaja, whom Frankie blames for his failed boxing career.

Registration and selection of films was organized by MEDIA Desk of Serbia.

Mercury, a British short, with screenplay by Gorana Jovanović, was screened last year at the Encounters Short and Animated Film Festival in Bristol. In May this year, the project for her short Armadillo Armada was supported at the Film Center Serbia competition  for co-financing the production of short feature films.