The film is about a teenage girl full of life who moves to California and leaves behind everything she ever loved. In her dead working-class city in Serbia, she spends her last days with her two childhood friends. Abandoned places bring memories of childhood war, and the two boys are torn apart by their love for the same girl.

The film was directed by Nikola Stojanović, and written by Nađa Petrović.  The producers were Tijana Savić and Anđa Zikić, the DOP Mladen Teofilović, and it was edited by Nikola Stojanović. The cast: Jelena Tjapkin, Nikola Pavlović i Mario Vrečo, Milijana Kravić, Boban Ilić, Jelena Radenović, Gordana Seizović, Sanja Stojanović.

The film was produced by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.