After focusing on cinematographies of UK and Israel in previous years, the main focus at the 27th International Film Festival in Tallinn is on Serbia and its partners from Southeast Europe.

From November 3 to 19, over 500 films will be shown in numerous sections, and in the competition of YA films, the world premiere of the new film by director Kosta Đorđević, Sweet Sorrow will take place.

The focus on Serbia and its partners from Southeast Europe includes 12 of the latest feature films from the aforementioned countries, five of which are from Serbia. On November 3rd, the program will be officially opened by Guardians of the Formula, followed by Sweet Sorrow, Lost Country, The Working Class Goes to Hell, and The Heroes of Halliard, which premieres on November 15th.

The driving motive for Focus on Serbia and its partners Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia is the fact that during the past years, the managers of the film centers and agencies of the mentioned countries had worked on harmonizing the rules, calendars and criteria for allocating funds in support of minority co-productions in competitions that conduct.

A special segment of the Focus consists of Black Wave films, six of which are from Serbia – Crows, by Ljubiša Kozomara and Gordan Mihić, Man Is Not a Bird and Innocence Without Protection, by Dušan Makavejev, Two, by Aleksandar Petrović, Girl by Purisa Đorđević, and When I’m Dead and White by Živojin Pavlović.

Film Center Serbia is organizing and coordinating the presence, participation and presentation of all our films at the Tallinn Festival.